How are braces fitted?

Removable Braces

  • A removable brace consists of a plastic base and custom-made metal wire components. Some of these wires are designed to keep the brace secured to the teeth.
  • It simply clips onto the teeth, and can be easily fitted or removed. Its insertion or removal does not cause any pain.

Fixed Braces

  • Fitting a fixed brace does not hurt.
  • Depending on your treatment, a fixed brace can be fitted either in a single appointment or over several appointments.
  • Sometimes small blue elastic rings called ‘separators’ are fitted between your back teeth a few days before your brace is fitted. This is to enable the fitting of ‘bands’ around the molar teeth. Bands are like rings that fit around the back teeth. Not everybody needs to have bands as part of their fixed brace.
  • Before a brace is fitted, your teeth are cleaned and conditioned.
  • For those who need bands special glue is used to stick them to the teeth.
  • Most of the fixed brace consists of several brackets. These are little square-shaped metal or ceramic buttons which are just glued to the teeth.
  • The fitting of a fixed brace is completed by connecting the bands and/or brackets with a thin piece of wire called archwire that is held in place using small elastics called modules. These come in different colours to make the wearing of your brace more fun.

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