Dr Adel Bou Saba
LSD Brussels

Dr Bou Saba has been practising orthodontics exclusively since 1995 when he started his specialist training in France. His most recent position was Consultant in Orthodontics at St. Peter University Hospital, Brussels. Previously he had worked as an associate in Orthodontics at Argenteuil University Hospital, Paris.

Dr. Bou Saba successfully completed his specialist orthodontic training in 1998. He obtained in 1995 the Certificate of Higher Education in Anatomy and Physiology (CES A) from the University of Bordeaux; in 1997 the Certificate of Higher Education in Orthodontics( CES ODF) from the University of Paris 7; and in 1998 the Diploma of Paediatric Orthodontics (DUOP) from the University of Paris 6.

He qualified as a dentist in 1994 at St Joseph University, Lebanon. In 2001 he gained the LSD degree from the ULB University in Brussels where he graduated with high honours and was awarded a medal.Dr Bou Saba has gained valuable work experience by providing orthodontic treatment in hospitals and university departments. His special skills include the use of lingual or invisible braces. .

He is a member of the British Orthodontic Society, the British Lingual Orthodontic Society, the Belgian Orthodontic Society and the World Federation of Orthodontists.















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