Private Fees

Private Fees

Adult Private Consultation £100
Under 18- Private Consultation £70
Orthodontic report £100
Orthodontic records £150
Review (Under 18) £50
OPG or Ceph (x-ray) £50
Periapical Xrays £15
CBCT scan From £110
Orthodontic Treatment Options Adults Children under 18
Fixed Metal Braces – Upper and Lower From £3,000 From £2,500
Fixed Metal Braces – Upper or Lower only From £1,800 From £1,500
Upper Removable Appliance (URA)   From £1,200
Functional Removable Braces (Twin Block)   From £1,500
Ceramic Braces – Upper or/and Lower From £3,500 From £3,000
Ceramic Braces – Upper only From £2,300 From £2,000
Lingual Braces – Upper and Lower From £7000 From £7000


Invisalign Full Comprehensive/upper and lower
Single arch From £3000
Dual arch From £4000
Invisalign Light / single arch (7- 14 aligners)
Single arch From £2,500
Dual arch From £3,500
Invisalign Express / single arch (7 aligners)
Single arch From £2,000
Dual arch From £2,500

*Orthodontic fees vary depending on type of braces used, length of treatment and complexity of case
*Orthodontic fee includes removable retainers, 12 months supervision of retention from date of brace removal

Patients With Existing Braces

Per Private Check-up (2 arches) From £250
Per Private Check-up (1 arch) From £150
Private emergency From £65
Brace Removal-Debond (1 arch) From £150
Brace Removal-Debond (2 arches) From £250


New Removable Retainer Essix(per arch) From £100
Fixed (Bonded) Retainer (per arch) From £250
Bruxism Teeth Grinding/ Soft Occlusal Splint From £150
Michigan Splint night guard
Fees payable at digital scan/ impression taking or ordering of retainers
From £400
Private Retainer check-up From £50

Repairs for Bonded/Removable retainers

Single arch adjustment From £95
Removing wire/ bonded retainer (each) From £125

Other Services

Composite Bonding/white filling From £125
Teeth Whitening From £300

Oral Hygiene

Scale and Polish – children and adults 30 mins*
*£20 is added per 15 minutes additional treatment time
From £60
Airflow (in addition to hygiene appointment) £35
Fissure sealants (per tooth) £35
Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy with Hygienist £130

Payment Plans

We can offer payment plans that allow you to pay for your treatment in instalments subject to agreement. Please contact the practice to ask for details. 

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