removable brace instructions

Removable Braces Instructions

The first few days

For the first few days of having your brace or retainer, you may experience some discomfort in your mouth. You may also notice an effect on your speech, and there will also be increased saliva flow. This is quite normal, and you will soon get used to wearing your brace.

The key to successful orthodontic treatment with removable braces is wearing them, not removing them. Removable braces do not work in your pocket. It may take a few days to 2 weeks to get used to your braces. The more you wear the braces, the quicker you will adjust to them.

The first few days

Please follow these Top 10 Instructions

  1. Wear your removable brace(s) for at least 16 hours out of a 24 hour period, as instructed by your orthodontist. Ideally you wear them day and night and remove them for:
    • eating main meals
    • brushing your teeth
    • playing contact sports or very active physical games or PE
    • swimming

    Going on holiday is not an exception to this rule!

  1. Only remove your brace for a short while for the above exceptions, and when you do, store the brace in a small rigid container (which can be purchased from the surgery) to avoid damage to, or loss of, your brace. Never put them in tissue as someone can put them in the bin by accident, step on them or you could lose them.

    When the brace is worn less often, teeth can move back (any progress can be undone). The braces should be worn for 16 hours a day to make good progress. Avoid the temptation to take them out for a rest as it will take you longer to get accustomed to them and the discomfort will take longer to settle.

  2. You may be given the plastic mould on which the brace was made. Keep this safe as we may need it again. If your brace is lost, or damaged and it can’t be worn, contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment. Bring the plastic mould with you when you come for that appointment.
  3. After every meal, brush your teeth and clean your brace carefully with your normal toothbrush and toothpaste. Once a week, use Retainer Brite to clean and disinfect your braces/retainers. DO NOT SOAK YOUR BRACE IN BLEACH OR DENTURE CLEANERS. USE A RETAINER CLEANER.
  4. Contact us without delay if your brace hurts, becomes loose, or if any part however small is broken. There will be a charge for any replacement or repair.
  5. Continue to visit your regular dentist for dental check-ups.
  6. Discomfort following the initial fitting of your brace may be eased with a mild analgesic such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. Do not keep taking your brace out to give yourself a rest. This will only make matters worse. If the discomfort persists longer than 4-5 days please let us know.
  7. Make sure you insert and remove your appliance as shown at your appointment. Resist the temptation to flick the appliance in and out with your tongue or pick at it as this can cause it to break. Remove your appliance correctly by using the wire clips at the back (never at the front). Don’t close your mouth if the retainer is not fitted properly.
  8. A removable brace will make you lisp at first. This will disappear as long as the brace is worn full time. It occurs because the plastic of the appliance is covering the sensitive part of the roof of the mouth where the tongue contacts to make “T” and “S” sounds. The brain will reprogram the tongue to speak properly over a few days. This will only happen if the appliance is kept in place. If you keep taking the appliance in and out the tongue will not adjust and you will not settle to your brace.
  9. Loose or lost baby teeth can affect the fit of your appliance, please contact us if this occurs.

Please follow the above instructions and those given in the surgery.

Now it is up to you! Braces are a commitment – they need to be maintained properly in order to achieve the best result.

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